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In over 7 years as a freelance copywriter, I have worked with the following brands and agencies:

  • Virgin Media

  • PizzaExpress

  • Heineken

  • MTV UK

  • Oxford University Press

  • Grohe

  • Total Film

  • Major League Soccer

  • The School of Life

  • Saga

  • Bark

  • Graham Maw Christie Literary Agency

  • Redwood

  • Action Rocket

  • Inspired Thinking Group (ITG)

  • Wordsearch

  • Uniform/Continuous

  • Refinery Group

  • .... as well as several under Non-Disclosure Agreements.

I live and write in Bath, UK. Prior to going freelance, I worked in marketing roles in higher education and film. I've also moonlighted as a film reviewer, a literary agent and a tech reporter. I studied at the London School of Economics and the University of Cambridge.

When I'm not at my desk, I love to hike, read and write speculative fiction.

You can reach me at:

marionkoobfreelance (at)

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